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Talent idea

       Denggao electric adhere to the "sincere, practical and seeking; how much do you have to give you the stage" to "concept and more for less ideological substitutions; with the heart of tolerance to talent, caring education talents" education concept. Build a multi-level training system, and constantly improve and strengthen the "people-oriented" humanized management, always adhere to the "create opportunities for employees, creating value for customers, create wealth for the society" the enterprise mission. Actively realize the value of their own staff to build a career development platform.

      With only the concept: sincerity, seeking for practical talent; you have much to give you much of the stage;

      Yucai more for less ideological substitutions; with the heart of tolerance talent, take care of the situation of education personnel;

Education policy
Employees in the company to enhance the capability of a sustainable development and continuous electric power company has a sound training system, through the combination of internal and external training mode of training, and actively improve the comprehensive quality of employees, so that employees in the company's creative contribution at the same time, their value has been gradually improved.
Policy of keeping people
Retain talent is the eternal pursuit of high electric, the company actively from the aspects of attracting and retaining talents.

1. Cause to stay: the company will be based on the actual situation of employees, provide suitable jobs for it, and at the same time for the staff to create opportunities for development, at the same time to realize the value of their own employees in the development of enterprises, realize their ideals, reach a win-win situation of enterprises and individuals "".

2. Benefits: keep people with the development of the enterprise, the company according to their own quality and ability of employees continuously improve staff welfare improvement, provide a solid guarantee for the development of staff.

3. Feelings: the company culture has actively explored the characteristics of the high culture, concerned about the lives of employees, so that employees work in a pleasant, relaxed mood.