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Training Center

Reach high employee for the company's valuable assets, the company offers its employees is not just a job, it is occupation development opportunities. We have always advocated in the challenges and opportunities to enhance their professional skills and comprehensive management capabilities, a good career path to provide more diversified development space for employees.

The new employee training system based on employee work experience, to provide customized and specialized training for new employees, so that employees at different levels are starting from different work requirements, to understand the relevant knowledge and information.

Leadership and general skills training: the company's training center offers a wide range of leadership and vocational skills training courses for different positions. The combination of enterprise culture, curriculum and curriculum framework system perfect, excellent practical, combined with the internal and external resources taught by experienced lecturers, aimed at improving the occupation skills and leadership ability of employees, improve the core competitiveness of companies and individuals.

professional grade skills training

Climbing has been devoted himself to improve staff's professional level. Have established a set of vocational training system from the primary, intermediate to advanced part of the course, lecturer by line technology, production managers, help the staff to improve their professional knowledge and skills in this field, and indirectly promote business growth.